Councillor vacancy – co-option

An election for the councillor vacancy following the resignation of Cllr Rowe has not been requested.

The Council is now able to fill this position by co-opting a new member.

If you would like to contact the Council, please contact the Clerk or any Councillor for more information.  A copy of the application form and job description can be found below.

Our County Association is offering free one-hour Zoom sessions to give people an idea of what being a councillor involves with the opportunity to ask questions.

Monday 13th February at 10 am

Wednesday 15th March at 2 pm

Co-option form January 2023

Sandford St Martin – Councillor job description Rev A


An online hour for anyone interested in becoming a councillor, letting them know what they are letting themselves in for! A short introduction and open question time.

Covering eligibility, skills, expectations and some basics about life as a councillor.

There is no need to book please follow the following link.

Meeting ID: 871 2501 2109

Passcode: 386520